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I think I have the settings so that every member can change the content of the wiki. Can someone try and change a page to make sure this is true?


Brian Wetton

This sounds fine to me. I think we should just be clear from the start what we're doing this for.

Hi John,
I'd say this endeavour is a step in the "reproducible research" direction.

- Research rationale: A repository of bench-mark problems, using different packages on different architectures, will be a very useful tool while designing, implementing and reporting new algorithms. It's particularly useful in situations where exact/analytical solutions are not available. Further, it allows researchers to quickly assess the relative performance of different freeware. Reduction to previously solved problems is good!

- Pedagogical rationale: It would be great if we deposited code here. Then my students could use these codes for many purposes, including solving harder problems than I can.


[from an e-mail message from John Stockie]

What are the academic/research objectives of this project? I have heard
you talk about making public a set of benchmark problems and results, which
I think would be a great resource for the academic community at large. Were
there other obvious projects or results that you see coming out of this?

Brian Wetton

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